evergreen articles to grow businessCreating evergreen articles that could stay forever is sensible in growing your online business and branding. Not only are you making the usability of your article timeless, you are also able to compile quality content that will boost your website’s popularity, traffic, branding recall, authority and eventually it’s ranking. Evergreen articles, like the proverbial tree where it has taken its name after, are articles that stay green and fresh despite passage of time and trends.

Evergreen articles only contain enduring topics that will stay on for always. Contents stay relevant and applicable at any given point of time. People will continue to read and relate to your evergreen articles.

Benefits from Evergreen Articles

In return, writing and posting quality evergreen articles on your site will benefit you immensely. As the articles aren’t about to become irrelevant in the next few months or years, you can keep them in your site. A few tweaks and grooming like adding or changing pictures will give it a new fresh look. Posting a good evergreen article can also save you money because it is there to stay. Compared to putting up cheap and hastily put together piece that focuses on the present craze, fashion or whatever is the latest hottest item, evergreen articles are still the wise choice.

Fad articles might give you a hot flash on the pan stint but after its height its staleness will pull your website down. It won’t only be an irrelevant and useless post; it will also create negative traffic due to disappointed and bounced visitors. You will have no choice but to remove fad articles before they took their toll.

If you put up one quality evergreen article a day, you’ll have 365 quality articles in a year. Compare that to five fad articles in a day that you will have to remove in three month’s time, after a year; you’ll end up with 450 low quality entries that you’ll have to replace soon. With the evergreens you have effectively compiled a library of good readable materials that will boost your website’s traffic that will eventually translate to good ratings.

What are Evergreen Articles?

Evergreen contents have topics that stay current and relevant despite the passage of time. Its usability doesn’t end. One good example is an article on Pythagorean Theorem. It doesn’t matter if the article was written ten or fifty years ago, if it’s well put-together, it stays relevant for the next 100 years to forever. There will always be Mathematics students who are going to benefit from the article.

A comparable fad article is something written about the death of a superstar or an entertainment personality. Let’s take the case of the death of Michael Jackson; it was a tremendous news force. Almost every other article, news or otherwise is about something that is connected to his death. If your website is full of these articles, you would have choked with traffic in the first few months of his death. But as the people get to know all they need to know, as they tend to look for new “news”, your site will also tend to stale.

There are also the seasonal evergreens. These articles are usually about holidays and other events that periodically return. Articles on Christmas, Valentine’s Day, the New Year and even about the Olympics tend to bounce back to popularity on appropriate times. But writing on these seemingly safe topics doesn’t mean you’re writing an evergreen article. A Christmas piece might stay green forever while another, of the same topic will stale even before the New Year.

Evergreen Articles Example

To illustrate that, let’s take two articles about the fruit cake. The same recipe of the Christmas staple was written and presented differently, with about the same writing quality too. One writer called her recipe “The Best Fruit Cake Recipe of All Time”, while the other titled the article “The Best Fruit Cake for the New Millennium.” Obviously, the latter will ride on with the popularity of the turn of the new millennium but will seem musty for the present time.

Another good example for seasonal evergreen comparison is two articles on top Olympians. An author could compile profiles of the ten youngest gold medalists in the Olympics, while another writer will tackle on the ten youngest gold medalists in the Chinese Olympics. The first article will have more lasting appeal because it’s not limited to a period like the second piece where it only focused on one Olympic Games. Once the hoopla of the event dies, so does the traffic to your site.

Evergreen articles are well-written and well-constructed. It has meat and contains the hard facts about the topic. It delivers information that the reader is looking for. A quality evergreen piece even goes beyond the expected. It gives value adding information and not just generalizations. Let’s take up an example for this premise. The article is about the most suitable pet for a five-year old girl.

Article #1 – Top Ten Suitable Pets for Children

Contains the following information;

  • List ten of the recommended pets
  • Reasons why they are suitable
  • Personalities who have the same pets

Article #2 – Most Suitable Pets for Children

Contains the following information;

  • Lists seven recommendations
  • Reasons why they are suitable
  • Costs (buying and upkeep)
  • Recommend good pet shops
  • Tips on care
  • Advices on possible harm

For this example, the first article was able to provide the expected information. It even injected “star” factor by adding famous names. The second article also provided the necessary information, and more. Basing on the listed content, the second article has more staying power because it included relevant information. Parents reading the article couldn’t care less on who’s having what pets. Whereas, the information present on article 2 clearly has value adding and relevant content.

Getting the right keyword and optimization are only good to make viewers take a look. In order for them to stay and to return, you will need more than just a good title and power backlinks.

Tips on How to Write Evergreen Articles

As evergreen articles are suppose to be always current, keep your perspective active. Do not refer events happening “this week”, “last month” or “today”. When writing on topics with specific timelines, omit the dates if you can and focus on the event. Take these two statements;

Evergreen statements:

  • Kate Middleton and Prince William of Britain were married in a lavish royal ceremony at the historic Westminster Abbey.
  • Auburn is the hottest coat color for fall.

Not evergreen statements:

  • Kate Middleton and Prince William of Britain were married last July 29th in a lavish ceremony at the historic Westminster Abbey.
  • Auburn is the hottest coat color for fall of 2011.

The first statements will hold true over the years while the second one will not be accurate or relevant anymore after the present year.

However, there are exemptions to this rule. There are certain dates that are stories on its own right. Take September 11, 2001. Putting that date in your content will not diminish its value over the passage of time.

One sure way to ensure that you are getting an evergreen article is to make sure that the article was written by a subject matter expert. Avoid deriving articles from other sites and then spinning it for uniqueness. By doing that, you don’t have a chance of arriving at a better output from the original but you have the entire lot of tendency to get a much worse piece because of word replacements.

Your articles should not only be written by good writer, but by good writers who know what they are writing about. Either you get a person who is a subject matter, an authority on the subject or someone who has actually undergone the experience. Since getting an authority writer is quite hard, expensive or even impossible (take a subject like “Living with Hitler”); your next best option is to immerse yourself in research. Or you can hire people to do that for you.

So, if your niche is on losing weight, ask somebody who has successfully rid of the bulge. If you’re into home decorations, get an interior decorator. If your website is above the present economy of the country, let an economist write your articles. These people will not only have the in-depth knowledge on the topic but can also provide situational examples. These examples are often the deciding factor of being a fake and shallow article to being a genuine and written by a real person with authority on the subject.

You also have to consider the writing abilities of your resources. A good economist doesn’t translate to good writing. An interior decorator could express art in the house, but not with words. Again, your option falls to the researchers.

Evergreen Limitations

There are also values you are foregoing if your website is wholly made of evergreen articles. Current events after all draw viewers the strongest. Let’s take the case of the Pythagorean Theorem against the death of Michael Jackson; almost everyone going online will visit a site that has an article about the death, during and near the time of death. During that same given period of time, only a small percentage of the traffic will have an interest on the Pythagorean. Though evergreens have constant and continuous prospect viewers, the bulk is usually just a small percentage compared to the traffic that “hot” items could command on its prime.

Popular and fad topics will effectively give a boost to your website’s traffic. It can establish your presence to your prospective viewers. Being current and updated with the times will also give the dynamism that a solid, politically correct and noble evergreen cannot affect your website.

Evergreen Articles Versus Current Articles

Choosing “evergreen articles” over the current articles is like choosing quality over quantity, but not quite. If your goal is on the short term, going current will work for you. But if you want for longevity and prestige, the evergreens will be your choice.

That is the general rule. Then again, it never said you cannot have both. A combination of evergreens and currents will give you the right position to be authoritative, through your quality evergreens, and the dynamism of being up to date, courtesy of your currents. Having both people will visit your for your timely and informative articles and will keep coming back for the quality and timeless information they know they can find.

The next thing that people do when they find a good, solid, informative and updated site is to bookmark. Isn’t that what we all want?

And for us to deliver all that, it all boils down to quality articles. Trashy and shallow content, evergreen or otherwise will not work. If you want to stay in the internet business, respect your viewers, then they will give you your due.

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+Mark Acsay III is an Inbound Marketing Strategist based from the Philippines and the author Webby Thoughts blog. He loves agile content marketing fueled with creativity and efficiency. You may connect with his twitter at @markacsay