On November 1, 2011, Google’s Matt Cutts confirmed that Google is now getting smarter and is able to index AJAX and Java Scripts. Matt Cutts confirmed this through Twitter that Google can now execute AJAX and Javascript for indexing. Below is the exact Tweet.

Matt Cutts Tweet Google AJAX Indexing

Many webmasters are waiting for this and at last they have the technology to execute this. It now has the capability to read comments that are in AJAX or JavaScript like Discus Comments and Facebook Comments even other content that are loaded in AJAx/JS.

In the past, search engine bots/crawlers have problems in accessing Ajax/JS based content and this pushes back the development of the web technological advancement. Since webmasters know that if they would create content in AJAX/JS, Google may not be able to read them so they shy away from the technology. Since Google already solved the crawl and indexing problems for AJAX/JS technology, what could be next for us, Web 3.0?

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