I was amazed on how Instagram was able to get it big in two years. I read their short history and surely they got the best team starting from five 5 employees and they manage to get to the top of image sharing market in a span of two years.

They know their “unique selling proposal” that’s why they know how to brand their company. They can’t be compared with Facebook because they have their own niche to fill in. If there are branding and business principles to study, we should take a look how Instagram made it. How Instagram leveraged the Apps booming market together with the social media. They said, People use and like Facebook, but people love Instagram. This is a wake up call to all of us that branding is one of the focus when it comes to SEO strategies.

Below is a short Infographic on Instagram’s history. You may share it or quick repost it in your blog with the code provided below the post.

History of Instagram Infographic

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