Mastering Online Rankings Conference – MORCon 2011 will be held on October 29th, 2011 at Firmalino Hall, School of Urban and Regional Planning, UP Diliman, Quezon City.  This conference was conceptualized few years ago for the purpose of sharing SEO knowledge among SEO Organization of the Philippines members. It started as an informal gathering until it became bigger as the organization grows.

I will be speaking in the MORCon 2011 event and quite excited with the warm atmosphere as the event approaches. Meeting old friends in your peer is always thrilling as well as knowing new faces  in the industry.  Masterminding with great minds is the best take away from the  event.

Mastering Online Rankings Conference – will be focusing on new SEO strategies  that will prepare SEO practitioners as well as the internet marketers for the coming year. After the Panda effect and the evolution of the market’s internet behavior, we need to make sure that the SEO/SMM strategies we are using also adapts.

All speakers of the event are for free. They do it to help SEO practitioners in the Philippines upgrade their skills. They are very approachable and the best thing is you can ask anything on the subject and will not hesitate to answer your questions the best that they can.

Here are the Topics for the MORCon 2011:

Topics and Speakers:

  • From Local SEO To International SEO Strategies

by Benj Arriola – -2007 SEO World Champion

  • How To Build an Authority Site

by Ed Pudol – – CEO

  • Viral Marketing Strategies and Content Generation

   by Jason Acidre – – Marketing Consultant of Doubledot Media

  • Social Media Ninja Tactics

by Ester Del Fierro – – Online Marketing Manager

  • How To Bulletproof Your Content and Survive Any Algorithmic Change

by Kim Tyrone Agapito, and

  • SEO Mistakes To Avoid

by Mark Acsay – SEO Consultant

  • Website Audit – Site Analysis and Reporting

by Sheila Dela Pena – – Online Marketing Junior Manager

  •  Pay Per Click (PPC) Strategies

by Juanito Jacela – – PPC Strategist

  • Surprise Juicy Internet Marketing Topics

by Myles Vives – COO

  • Pending Topic:

by Alfred Palconit – – Senior SEO Specialist


MORCon 2011 is free to all SEO Organization Philippines bonafide members. If you’re not a member yet, you can pay on the event for Php1000 to be a qualified member.

Just a heads up for those who will sign up in the landing page, after signing up, it will refresh again and again so just clean your cookies when it happens.

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MORCon 2011

+Mark Acsay III is an Inbound Marketing Strategist based from the Philippines and the author Webby Thoughts blog. He loves agile content marketing fueled with creativity and efficiency. You may connect with his twitter at @markacsay