Hello World! Welcome to my Webby Thoughts!  I have been in the SEO industry for 3 years now and it’s quite funny that I haven’t started my own SEO blog yet. Until now that is. I had been so busy building up my business that I forgot to create my own SEO blog where I can share my experiences as an SEO consultant. Over the years, I’ve served quite a few clients which have made it quite possible for me to gain enough experience to be a creditable SEO consultant. It’s been a struggle but I think I’ve finally reached a point where I can let go of the reins a bit and do this blog though I know that I still have a lot of things to learn.

Today is my birthday. A day full of possibilities, so I thought this would be the best time to launch my blog. As I ponder on the next stage of my life,  I remember Kim Tyrone Agapito telling me that I should have my own personal SEO blog to get more credibility and, most importantly,  to share my knowledge  in search engine optimization (SEO) in my own little way.

Last June 9, 2011, I was given a privilege to speak about Basic & Advance SEO Tips and Techniques in the 1st SEO Organization of the Philippines  National Assembly that was held in UP Diliman, Quezon City. Its aim is to promote the SEO industry by gathering its members together to exchange knowledge and train SEO hopefuls. It was an awesome experience to once again meet my associates as well as the bigwigs in the SEO industry. I also saw a lot of new faces with a lot of potentials.  It gave me that final push to start my own SEO blog. I was hesitating because I knew I’m not that good a writer and there is already a lot of SEO blogs in the internet now. Nevertheless, that event inspired me to finally take the plunge.

Although the event had been 3 months ago, I believe that what happened in the event is still worth sharing. Here are some details regarding the event:

Noel Bautista of http://noelbautista.com discussed about Advance Blogging Techniques. It’s all about the ins and outs of blogging and the ways on how to monetize your blog and create relationships with other bloggers to make sure you create massive followers.

Kim Tyrone Agapito of http://www.kimoftheworld.com revealed his ninja tactics on SEO Copywriting + Utilizing Content and Web 2.0 for SEO. There’s so much content about Panda updates and he talked about how to make sure that Google and your visitors will love your content. I love the way he coined the phrase “Content is King but is your Content Fit to be King?” I hope I got the phrase right.

Juanito Cell Jacela of http://www.cellconversion.com who calls himself a PPC Demon, is a PPC expert and shocked the audience with his Advance Adwords Strategies: Creative Ways of Using Remarketing for Your Campaigns subject. It’s can be quite technical for the newbies but it’s a very interesting update on Google’s PPC.

Ed Pudol, the owner of http://lexorsoft.net, unveiled his own membership site secrets. He talked about Success Behind Membership Sites which is quite evident  in his experience. This guy is a compelling speaker and it’s quite evident that he is street-smart in internet marketing.

Zaldy Dalisay of http://www.seowall.com is the “Major” of the pack, and people call him “major” too.  Armed with his ORM (Online Reputation Management) expertise, he instructed the members on How to Build Your Reputation Online. The topic is very important for everyone who wants to build their brand online.

Neil Maranan of http://www.neilmaranan.com revealed some unconventional ways in Creating and Maintaining a Facebook Account. This guy is very creative in his campaigns and quite unorthodox, but his techniques do work like a charm.

As for me, I shared some insights on Basic & Advance SEO Tips and Techniques. I focused on Post Panda Effects based on my observations on data gathered from test sites from February to June.

It was also a privilege to meet Jayson Bagio of http://www.seoteky.com and Jason Acidre of http://www.Kaiserthesage.com who are also topnotch SEO guys. I hope to see Benj Arriola soon. He was the 2007 SEO World Champion. As an SEO, meeting him is like meeting Manny Pacquiao.

So today, I’m launching http://www.webbythoughts.com to vent my “webby thoughts” as an SEO Consultant.  This blog is still under construction, so please bear with me and stay foot for the juicy contents coming this way.

+Mark Acsay III is an Inbound Marketing Strategist based from the Philippines and the author Webby Thoughts blog. He loves agile content marketing fueled with creativity and efficiency. You may connect with his twitter at @markacsay