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I got several emails and private messages in my Facebook and Twitter  about how will the Penguin 2.1 and the recent Hummingbird Algorithm from Google will affect the SEO and Inbound Marketing industry. I compiled some best content and categorized them for easy resource for everyone who wants to know more about the recent updates. These articles I believe best represent on the said issue.


Google has just released the second, more updated version of its Penguin spam fighting algorithm. Technically it’s the fifth reiteration of it when you consider all the rollouts both major and minor but since it is based on the Penguin 2 (which is the fourth release) this latest version is dubbed the 2.1.


If that’s a bit confusing don’t be. Also don’t be confused by thinking that Penguin 2.1 will take over for Hummingbird. While hummingbird is for the entire search engine ranking system, Penguin is the spam filter for it. This means that because it is a filter it gets changed periodically in order to get more spam out of your search engine results – hence the many reiterations of it.


What came before: Penguin 2.0 – Penguin 2.1 is a tighter update of its predecessor, Penguin 2.0. Knowing about the past is important so you can understand the underpinnings of the current spam filter from Google.







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Understanding Penguin 2.1 – Understanding what the Penguin is all about is a big step in understanding what you can do about it. This can help you chart a better course so your site doesn’t get affected as much.











Watch the videos for a better understanding of Google’s Penguin 2.1




Hot topic in the forums – Because of what it means for a lot of sites the release of version 2.1 has been a very hot topic in the SEO forums as of late. No surprise as many are still figuring out how this new reiteration will affect them and their Google search engine rankings.





What Now – With Penguin 2.1 Google has once again changed the face of search engines. For those webmasters out there, there are things that you can do in order to survive this new Penguin.





humming bird algorithm


There’s also Hummingbird – Google Penguin 2.1 wasn’t the only new update made by Google. It also updated its search engine algorithm that allows for more semantic and contextual searches. It’s called Hummingbird and the name as chosen as a way of saying the search results will be quick and swift.








Hummingbird and Content Marketing – Perhaps the biggest marketing strategy that will be effected is content marketing.








Watch the videos for a better understanding of Google’s Hummingbird





Since both Hummingbird and most especially Penguin 2.1 are relatively new, the online world is still picking up the pieces to see just how good or bad the effects will be. Drops in traffic have been reported in some places but until everyone has really taken the time to check the effects it will take a while before real progress reports are made.


How is your site doing now that Hummingbird and Penguin 2.1 is alive and kicking? Was the effect negative or positive for you?


Share your thoughts in the comment section below and let us know what’s going on.



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