253 SEO Strategies Advice from Top SEO Consultants

253 SEO Strategies Advice from Top SEO Consultants

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a challenging yet growing industry of providing information to various users in the internet.  Tough competitions are recognized as consumers demand a more appropriate understanding of what the business is all about. To further address and help SEO businesses create their own niche, below are SEO strategies and different advices laid out from top SEO Consultants.

Rand Fishkin- The Fans Make Everything Easy

  • Running a usual TV Ad in the US would generally cost an advertiser around $350,000 which is not applicable to SEO budgets.
  • Fans develop an easy association with the brand as they become highly exposed to its message.
  • Celebrity endorsements do not necessarily mean a hike in sales but it do affect an increased stock price.
  • Inbound marketing results to marketers earning their way in. It is a strategy where the market initiatively found them.
  • Rand builds links with the existence of participating communities while famous sites independently have it.
  • A strongly-founded community will initially market you through twitter and other social media sites in a regular manner.
  • A report that shows 1 million individual hits on Sept 2011 backs up the truth about users being able to spread the link twice than you do.
  • Your personal search is influenced by the people who connect to you and how they are associated with you. Google social connections allow users to view these people.
  • Google uses +1 as a social signal which influences the results.
  • Social news ranks next when it comes to in demand source of information.
  • Blog attracts community growth.
  •   Communities should be built based on the brand and its benefit-ting fans.
  • Write about what you work for and what your communities’ value the most.
  • Solicit feedback from new users and fans
  •   Klout Socializer measures how you influence others to take action, learn how to use it and only display high scores.
  • Your community performance starts by commenting and sharing your own posts.
  • Building community for the first 100 hours is the most challenging. Never give up.
  • Develop a profile that mirrors a satisfied attachment which will enable users to link to it.
  • Measure your content based on your own generated metrics, and then enhance it.
  • Convince unrewarded people from other community and make them strengthen your own.
  • Community is all about positive strategic inbound marketing and how to strengthen your site.
  • Empower people.
  • Do not be hesitant to kick trolls out. They are unnecessary to the community.
  • You only get what you give. Promote other brands and they will do the same.
  • Always include the name of the authors. This greatly attracts them to hit on the post.
  • Use Quora to get an idea on how your content is working.
  • Google-searching using links increases Google suggest. Let your community search in this manner.
  • Tweets and/or pingbacks are best added on blogs.
  • Let users have the option to share your contents by relinking and embedding them.

Tom Critchlow – Big Ideas = Big Business

  • Buy-ins are often attracted to big ideas. Small ideas like h1 tags seldom get a chance in big companies.
  • Big ideas should encompass budget and scale.
  • Work on your big vision by launching a project which result you can use to nail big ones.
  • Big companies focus on delivering big projects rather than becoming quick on SEO changes.
  • Improve and enhance your pages to increase rankings.
  • Distribute work by assigning a chief officer who will monitor the quality of the job.
  • Each individual in the company can contribute to the success of your SEO.
  • Getting content is easy; making that a content count is hard.
  • Get things done by positively altering the process.
  • Practice project management.
  • Gap analysis will make everyone understand where the company stands and where the company wants to be.
  • Present your project in a way that executives can understand. SWOT analysis is a good strategic planning as it poses the strengths, weaknesses and even threats that can be resulted in a project while Gantt charts vividly explains the timeframe involved.
  • Use tools like webmaster and broken links to censor content that is below quality.
  • Intelligent business development makes up a successful link building.
  • Be a people magnet by influencing high-ranking people within the organization to do links on their own profiles. Linkedin is a great source to get link opportunities.

Mat Clayton – Climbing up the ladder of Social Integration

  • Social media involves long term planning to effectively work.
  • Know how much of the market is involved by integrating codes on your site which will enable you to see the number of people logged in.
  • Consider the relation between your user and the community they are in.
  • Users will spread your work if it becomes beneficial to them.
  • Meta tags and fb admin tags are helpful when added on your website.
  • Open graph contents are added to the ticker whenever an app action is done by the user.
  • Never add a dislike button.
  • Use tools like Appdata.com to source necessary details and usage of your competitor.
  • Always provide a personalized experience. Allowing users to view who among their friends uses a specific product is an advantage to the site.
  • An action done increases the rate by 200% however, showing who does the action soars completion rate by a whooping 300%.
  • Putting faces recommends a facepile to better achieve fans built up and effective usage stats.
  • Develop recommendations bar. This enables users to be in the know about the most viewed content.
  • Adapt a sign up process which is easy, fast and user-friendly.
  • Have your team do the initial comment to set relevant text from other users. This will avoid pointless and off topic discussions.
  • The word of mouth is the best marketing strategy. People will mostly believe what their friends will say so a positive feedback matters.

Will Critchlow – The Power of Advanced Toolkit

  • People advance their knowledge. Always take time to improve your technical skills.
  • A multi-tasking computer system supports the web. Each program should be able to excel in doing a specific task.
  • Filter a good data by utilizing grep command and modify files using sed command.
  • Use apps like skitch to replicate things when modification or change is required.
  • Use Screenr to create web screencasts.
  • Utilize trello for more organized and well collaborated projects.
  • Use of f9 results to an effective financial reporting in Excel.
  • Use tamper data to easily view and make modifications on all https requests.
  • Check on code installs with the help of Google analytics debugger.
  • Fix issues by simplifying it and then document the work.
  • Tools like Phyton and Django are a great guide to better understand tools.
  • Learn and understand SQL as it is the standard web language.
  • Use HTML 5 to mark HTML web contents.
  • Find ranking keywords and other data through Getstat.

Joanna Lord – Social Media and  The Competitor

  • Develop a strategy to learn how competitor builds the number of fans they have.
  • Incorporate social media and its details everywhere.
  • Study how your competitor works in building community by observing their web pages.
  • Make social buttons present in your videos.
  • Measure velocity by focusing on how fast you grow your number of followers.
  • Utilize tools like simply measured for easy social measurement.
  •  Cotweet provides you an idea about your competitor’s and your brand’s stand on twitter.
  •   Know customer experience through Attensity.
  •   Social advertising shows how your brand and the market respond to it.
  • Frequent social advertising means serious business.
  • A lead capture page designated for a single ad defines strong focus in terms of social media.
  • Linkedln is another avenue to familiarize yourself about your competitor.
  • Empower people who work for you.
  • Track all social data.
  • Track all metrics that are being launched.
  • Utilize all the information gathered and take actions based from them.

Joost De Valk – WordPress as one of SEO Businesses

  • Ensure a progressing and interactive XTML sitemaps.
  • Rel Canonical tag guides user to the page that ranks better.
  • Use 301 redirect codes to redirect users to the webpage which you have moved or changed.
  • Recognize authors by using rel author markup.

Rob Ousbey – A Good Public Relation is  A Positive Outreach

  • Outreach means attracting community, getting links, and forming good relationship.
  • Find smart people who take actions.
  • Learn with people who have failed as their experiences could be your knowledge.
  • Know how they overcome problems and use it for your benefits.
  • Get yourself familiarize with the things they learned.
  • Know your target by building relationship with bloggers through Grouphigh.com
  • Choose a content as if it is your own then know and approach the last person who embedded it.


  • Tumblr will help you locate blogs associated to your identified niche.
  • Build relationship through unfailing and continuous communication.
  • Write concise email as an introduction. Lay down the offer in details by sending follow ups.
  • You can build introduction by following them on twitter before choosing to send an email.
  • Make an organized list of the people you interact with and the things that happened in that interaction.
  • Aside from building links, you can ask people to retweet your post.
  • Effective public relation results to a good outreach.
  • Always approach the direct point of contact.
  • Keep communications open.
  • Recognize people who have great potential to easily link you.
  • List down new linking domains to know how the outreach performs.

Wil Reynolds – A Good Content Creates Successful Link Building

  • Huge social shares do not necessarily guarantee better site rank.
  • Feed burner does not specifically decide on sites that should appropriately rank.
  • Broken links break link value.
  • Build relationship in every transaction. Even the site administrator can help.
  • Develop a good strategic plan to maximize exposure.
  • Know how your competitors acquire links and use it for your advantage.
  • Know how to create opportunities. Monitor competitor domains, register and use redirect codes when it expires.
  • Google Product Suggest and Google Suggest provide new topic ideas.
  • Create a good market research by knowing what contents are widely searched by people.
  • Post counter discussion to your competitor’s work and get links through it.
  •  Topsy.com lets you know who uses your content and how influential they are.
  • Identify blogs and know what content will work best for them.
  • Turn popular lengthy content into infographics.
  • Google image search will help you get links by contacting people who use the same image for infographics.
  • For outsourced infographic, google image search will detect duplicated content.
  • Source other information through .govs.
  • Tools like export.ly help you get reports about your followers.
  • Flourish with innovative ideas.

Ciaran Norris – Balancing policy, personalization and market profile.

  • If you are not part of the business, then you are one of the markets.
  • Google adapts SoloMo. This enables you to design a successful mobile strategy to make your business more accessible.
  •   Facebook gain market through personal positive feedback.
  • Personalization is good and the process of exploring new things for the community to grow is better.
  •   Continuously discover new things that will be beneficial to everyone.
  • Discover new product and learn stuff by exposing yourself to what seems unfamiliar to you.
  • Always think of a bigger picture. Do not box yourself to what you are already used to.
  • Approval comes easy for people who share the same views as yours.
  • Do not limit your connection to people who are known to you. Expand your horizon by making various business connections through apps like unsocial.
  • Hunch fm continuously delivers great taste of music by providing recommendations based on your responses.
  • Cut costs by appropriately classifying your customers based on third party data.
  • TV advertising knows no end. It is a steady improvement and advancement.
  • Legal conformity based on the location of your market matters.
  • How your market responds to your product will say a lot more than traffic and rankings.
  • Get footprints of third party cookies installed on your site to get easy user permission when required.
  • Personalization speaks mostly about the market’s preferences.

Wiep Knol – A Competitor Research is Helpful

  • Link strategy does not follow a specific pattern. It depends on how you implement it.
  • Know your limitations and do not go beyond it.
  • Make use of your complaints by positively converting them into actions.
  • Customize your link building processes based on what fit your client’s needs and the specialist’s experiences.
  • Do not focus on just one competitor. Anticipate future enemies too.
  •   Best strategies are often applied by big companies.
  • Properly manage data with the use of seotools.
  •   Graph competitor’s data so you can easily interpret them and use those data for your advantage.
  • Analyze what works for the competitor.
  • Links do not always work favorably. It has counterpoints too.
  • The number of links does not necessarily speak of high rankings. It is important that you know the strategies behind that number.
  • Understand anchor text data through tagcrowd.
  • Link building helps in assessing threats and opportunities.
  •   Utilize tagcrowd to discover blog contents that link competitors. This allows you to know which content produces more links.
  •   Majesticseo is a link database that lets you keep track of competitor links.
  •  Competitor Research is all about formulating effective strategies to make you win large number of links.

Richard Baxter – Rewards motivate people

  • To motivate people is to persuade them.
  •  Getglue is an entertainment network that adapts reward techniques by giving out stickers when people check in to movies and stuff.
  •   SEOmoz provides you the right people to hire by eyeing reputation scores.
  • Reputation scores give value to people.
  • Use Microsoft features that will guide you in using specific tools. Ex: Clippy.
  • Convince users to contribute their data.
  •  Foursquare engages people by providing badges in exchange of completing different specific actions.
  •   Unguaranteed repetition of rewards highly motivates people to do action.
  •   Think what makes your product worthy of other people’s promotion and incorporate them in your site.
  •   Thank engineers and the entire contributing team for their hard work by inviting them to a get together where you can share ideas and feedback.
  •   Status makes people move.
  •   Loss aversion strategy strongly directs people to take action and participate.
  •   Netcars.com gamified people by launching programs or providing loyalty cards.
  •   A trusted user is defined by its status.
  •   Lockerz.com provides discounts when people upload photos.
  •  Get links through people’s referrals and reward them in return.
  •   Create new pages by putting question and answer system on your site. The people ask question while your staff answers in return.
  •   Organize motivational techniques that will work for people who valuably contribute to your site.

Patrick Altoft – The World Behind Link Building

  •  Make your keywords rank first by getting just enough number of links.
  •   Manage and polish your site before you get into the business of link building.
  •   Get the best keywords by using Google Analytics. Often, keywords with 5Ws (Who, Why, Where, What, When) are the most searched about.
  •   Incorporate links based on the client’s existing news stories.
  •   Distribute jobs and designate separate people who can write contents and who can build links.
  •   Make a habit of monitoring existing links.
  •   Brainstorm ideas among the team and have everyone contribute inputs.
  •   Communicate with bloggers and give out press releases in special versions whenever they publish your content.
  •   Learn when to write content for your client in the absence of news.
  •   Infographic earns links based on how you promote them.
  •   Coordinate with people behind infographics. Pay, if you must.
  •   Tweet topics that are likely to generate links.
  •   Participate in other sites like competition by giving away stuff to earn links.
  •   Comment on posts that are likely to be quoted by blogger as this often creates links.
  • Blogs that let you incorporate contents are helpful. Use this for your benefits.
  •   Link building is built based on systematic processes and strengthened systems.
  •   Remove links that are off the mark.
  • Know the value of your link based on time and its financial worth.
  •   Use programs like Ajax that do not interfere with the web’s page display and to avoid viruses.

Hannah Smith – Linkbait: Then and Now

  •  Hotornot, an online dating site, attracts millions of hits and links.
  •   A bright idea characterised linkbait.
  •   Linkbait comes in the form of news story.
  •   A witty and intelligent twitter account can make a linkbait.
  •   Opinion in any forms characterised a linkbait.
  •   Award sites and other web pages that seem to attract attention are linkbaits.
  • Anything that boosts one’s ego can be considered a linkbait.
  •   A hoax spread and created by Money.co.uk generated huge numbers of links.
  •   Linkbaits, when done appropriately can deliver links easily.
  •   Learn to create various channels and combine them.
  •   Know to categorize old adverts than can help your brand and use them when necessary.
  • Work well on advertisements to make it influential.
  •   Prelaunched link bait that directs people to homepage generate links.
  •   Conceptualize a good content that is catchy to result links.
  •   Create a well-invested linkbaits that are effective rather than getting expensive set of links.
  • Get links from the right people by making contents beneficial to them.
  • Link building is like a good public relation that allows impressive press release.
  • Make everything accessible via smartphones.
  • Acquire links by investing on great brands and products spread on your website.
  •   Schedule brainstorming ahead of time and notify people.

Stephen Pavlovich – Bookmark Ideas

  •  Use tools like Evernote to track access and store ideas.
  • Abandoned cart email guides users back when they get lost halfway along the process.
  •  Know the right solution by correctly identifying problem through surveys and customer experience research.
  •  Online shopping sites like firebox gives users a site-friendly experience by placing the order first prior to creating an account.
  • Use a local number to encourage customer participation and effective flow of phone calls.
  •   If you don’t have a contact number, make sure to let the user know. Avoid being vague.
  • Properly educate people about a perceived fault and arm yourself with good words to appropriately explain it.
  • Old samples of copywriting are considered to be one of the best contents ever.
  • Spark inspiration to everyone. Share ideas no matter how old or new they are.
  •   Personalize letter and e-mails by mentioning the person’s name. This adds up a sense of personal touch.
  • Encourage people to participate by getting their ideas through constant voting or surveys.
  • Let the person make a purchase prior to creating an account. This works favorably rather than doing it backwards.
  • Asking for email address is far convenient for people rather than asking too may unnecessary information.

Martin Macdonald – The relationship between brands and SEO

  •  Big brands can dominate webs but they do not necessarily dominate the best of online marketing.
  •   Internet supports newly established company to acquire offline brands like eBay and Amazon.
  •   SEO involves new companies with big brands and thus creates a promising SEO industry.
  •   For 2012, United States dedicates a forecasted budget of 7.8 billion dollars for SEO industry.
  • The keyword “Soft drinks” hardly ranks.
  •   Big brands are empowered to create a successful SEO industry by improving their websites.
  •   Big brands still depend on Flash as a browser plug-in.
  •   Unimproved websites will not win over high-ranking keywords despite how good the brand is.
  •   Big clients get attracted to a growing industry and its matured participation to overall marketing.
  •   Intel incorporates Facebook with features and apps like “museum of me” which attracts huge umber of users.
  •   Know your top members in the community and learn how to take them into actions.
  • Value your creation, your website and the brand you work for.
  •   The internet is an open field where everyone is encourage participating.
  • As they stride to success, big companies are learning to part ways with free products and its minimal contribution.
  • •Hiding keywords at Google Analytics ruins the performance of a good content to reach its users.

I hope you guys got some SEO Strategies and golden nuggets from the post. Let me know what you can add below in the comment section and– hey, a tweet, a G+1 or a FB share would be much appreciated.

253 SEO Strategies Advice from Top SEO Consultants by

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