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Viral Marketing creates extreme popularity over the product or services offered to the general public. This popularity paves the way to increased sales and demands of the product and services.  In fact, some viral marketing becomes part of the culture in certain areas, while some becomes a crucial part of the daily lives of people belonging to a certain class. Take for example the viral effect of Hotmail who become one of the top email service providers to a large number of people and even some corporate organizations. Some viral videos created singing legend and international artists like Justin Bieber and Charice Pempengco who rose to stardom because of the viral video that spread over the internet. Many of the examples here are mostly videos but in some cases it could be a contest for a campaign and used in linkbuilding or creating a viral content marketing.

The following are the list of top 100 viral marketing videos, examples and strategies around the world.


Top International Viral Marketing Videos, Examples and Strategies


1.    The Blair Witch Project –  perhaps one of the most successful movie produced from only $350, 000 yet grossed around $250 million worldwide. The approach basically was made to make people believe that indeed the event really happens by posting incident details in their website as well as creating forums that even before the movie is shown, it already catches attention from people.


Here is the The Blair Witch Project Video



2.    Hotmail – In 1999, Hotmail created a viral marketing campaign about its offered free email among users that can be accessible anywhere. It created brand awareness since users who sends emails to others bears the message “Get your Free Email at Hotmail”, this is a link that takes people who click on it to the homepage of Hotmail for free registration. This viral marketing creates 12 million subscribers which was later owned by Microsoft for $400 million.


3.    BMW Hire Ticker – in 2001, BMW produce an eight short film which is also highly budgeted that stars some of Hollywood Tops actors likes Madonna, Clive Owen, and Don Cheadle. These films were directed by top directors Guy Richie and David Fincher. The concept basically is about the high endurance and durability of the BMW cars showing the cars in an action packed films. The short film gathered around 11 million views from you tube and provided a 12% sales growth on the company.


BMW Hire Ticker Video


4.    John West Salmon – With its tag line, John West will do the worst to bring you the best Salmon, this British owned catches the attention of around 300 million viewers around the world about the bear fight involving a man and a bear over a salmon.


John West Salmon Video


5.    Microsoft X Box – promoting the ability to enjoy life, this viral video spread like a virus over the internet and reaped different reactions from people. Some describes this as morbid and disturbing while some says that the video is both interesting and innovative. Regardless of how people perceive the video, it serves the very purpose of its creation that is, catching people’s attention.


Microsoft X Box Video


6.    Agent Provocateur  – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2b863P40WJU this features Kylie Minogue as an endorser of a lingerie. This viral video becomes an instant hit because of its sexy presentations of the lingerie wore by Kylie Minogue who at that time is making her big comeback in the limelight.


Agent Provocateur Video


7.    Kraft Cheesy Movies – this microsite of Kraft allows online users to create a micro movie that last for at least twenty seconds. This has been a hit among children and parents who loves introducing new things to their child. By making the micro movie, users spend more than thirty minutes in the site, enough for an exposure needed by Kraft in building their online presence.


8.    2002 FIFA World Cup – In 2002, a controversial edited photo was released in the British Newspaper “The Mirror”, this features the players of Argentinian Defense that holds ladies bag while standing in front of football goal. The picture spread like a virus in the internet and emerged as the most shared picture of all time. Although, the aim is not to promote the game, it adds popularity however the event.


9.    Ikea Tidy Up Commercial – this commercial is about a vibrator product of Ikea. What makes this viral is having a kid as the central character of the commercial. In you tube, most comments expresses how funny the commercial was. This is however not shown in North America because of the content.


Ikea Tidy Up Commercial Video


10.    Trojan Condoms – In 2003, Trojan condoms released a series of commercials based on Olympic Games but centers on sexual performance. This viral video gained 300 million viewers around the world that stimulates discussion about the commercial and awareness of the product as well. (You must be 18 and above to view the video)\


Trojan Condoms Video



11.    Burger Kings Subservient Chicken – Imagine a man dressed in chicken doing everything you asked him to do. This was Burger King’s marketing strategy released in 2004 that made 450 million views. Although the concept catches people’s attention, it hardly serves the purpose of increasing the sales of Burger King.


Burger Kings Subservient Chicken Video


12.    Berlitz Language School – this simple yet totally humorous ad of Berlitz Language School helped the institution to become the top second-language learning institution.


Berlitz Language School Video


13.    Carlton Draught – this is an Australian Beer Company who produced an ad that aims to catch the worlds attention through the “Big Ad”, instantly the ad becomes viral that it gained 162, 000 views on its first day of release alone while in two weeks, the ad gained more than one million views. This scenario made Carlton Draught take back the ad in fear of over exposure.


Carlton Draught Video


14.    Nike Touch of Gold Commercial – this commercial stars Brazilian football Ronaldinho in his display of his skills on football. Although Nike had been producing a lot of viral videos on sports, this is by far among the most watched video of Nike that gain around 30 million of views. What makes this commercial special is the skills shown which creates discussion over people who watched the video if in fact it were real or edited through computer.


Nike Touch of Gold Commercial Video


15.    Smirnoff – when their alcoholic malt beverage was launched in 2006, Smirnoff popularized a music video titled “Tea Partay” that eventually gained more than five million views on You Tube. The videos popularity gave birth to online contest and follow-up videos to make the website interactive and sustain the popularity of Smirnoff beverage.


Smirnoff Viral Video


16.    Ecko – what makes this video viral is the discussion on whether or not the video is real or fake. This shows an almost amateur video about the spraying of graffiti at Andrews AFB Air Force One left wing. The discussion had reached even the national news.


Ecko Viral Video


17.    Dove – this beautiful, emotional and clean advertisement caught attention of a lot of people in the world. In fact, on its first day of release, the video gained 44,000 views and a total of 12 million within its first year of release alone.


Dove Commercial Video


18.    Philips Body Groom Man – this promotes the company’s Shave Everywhere site wherein a man talks about uncomfortable topics about men grooming. The video generate millions of views since its release. Also this ad campaign provided the company an edgy persona.


Philips Body Groom Man Viral Video


19.    Taxbrain.com – this features scantily-clad women, shaky camera, automobile racing, and a spice of intrigue that catches around 200,000 views plus an attention from CNN, NBC, ESPN and other TV Networks.


Taxbrain.com Video


20.    GuitarMasterPro.net – in the description box in You Tube, it simply says: I learned how to play the guitar with GuitarMasterPro.net. A 21 year old man makes a hit by reaping sixty million views in You tube which in turn becomes You Tube most viewed submitted video.


GuitarMasterPro.net Video



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